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    application scenarios of drip irrigation tape

    Drip irrigation is a kind of localized irrigation technology, in which the pressured water will be filtered first, then through the drip irrigation system and water dropper, it will be evenly and slowly dripped into the soil near plant root. Drip irrigation has the characteristics as follow:

    (1) Saving water: drip irrigation is a kind of localized irrigation method. It can accurately drip the plants according to the actual needs of the plant as well as it transmits the water through the pipe, so it can save the water to the largest extent, compared with the surface flooding irrigation, it usually can save water to 30%-50%, and even reach 80%, and compared with sprinkling irrigation, it can save water to 10%-20%.
    (2) Water evenly: drip irrigation can control the water dripping volume of each emitter, it can water the plant evenly and usually reach to the degree of 80% to 90%.
    (3) Saving energy: the working pressure of drip irrigation is lower than sprinkling irrigation so that it can save the energy and promote the utilization rate of the irrigation water, therefore it reduces the pump discharge as well as pump energy consumption, especially in the high-lift area, the effect is very obvious.
    (4) Strong adaptability of soil and landscape: drip irrigation can almost adapt all the complicated landscape, even it can water the trees planted in the rock areas. The intensity of the drip irrigation is low, so it can adapt clay soils, which is low in infiltration rate, even in the area of permeable soil ( in which the water permeability is very high), it will not result in serious deep-seated leakage because of long time and frequency irrigation. Under some conditions, drip irrigation can also be applied in brackish water irrigation.
    (5) Increasing output: it can keep the soil humidity stable, increase the output of the crops, strength the ability of the resistance to alkali. Drip irrigation can supply water and fertilize the crops appropriately at the right time, so that it will keep soil from packing together and provide good water conditions and nutrient. At the same time, it can improve the quality of the products.
    (6) Saving labor: drip irrigation can be auto-controlled to save labor and shorten irrigation time. It can fertilize and spray other farm chemicals, it not only saves the fertilizer, but also saves the labor, so it is very convenient.
    (7) Convenient to farm working: most of the drip irrigation area is dry, so it is convenient to do other works when watering the crops. It is mainly applied to cash crops, such as orchard, vegetables, flowers, greenhouse etc. water lacking and arid region, high-lift irrigation area and mountain area. Meanwhile, it has great perspective of applying to the area of sandy soil which has high water permeability and bad moisture retention, and salt-water area.
    At present, drip irrigation products mainly including single blade labyrinth drip irrigation tape, inline flat emitter drip irrigation tape, melt flow type drip irrigation tape, inline column emitter drip irrigation tube. All the drip irrigation products that produced by our company are qualified with the relevant national standard.
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